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AKA Addresses Criticism Around His Use Of Auto Tune!


AKA Addresses Criticism Around His Use Of Auto Tune! Supa Mega has once again found himself cornered to defend himself from critics who accuse him of using auto tune.

In a series of tweets where the Kontrol hitmaker details on how he started using auto tune, Supa Mega who has been using auto tune since his album Victory Lap has lashed at his critics who accuse him of using it stating that they are being hypocrites.

Defending himself, AKA highlighted that he knew he was not good at singing but questioned why people were criticizing him for using auto tune but saying nothing about American rapper Travis Scott who was also using auto tune.

“I cannot hold a note. I cannot SING. I can play Mouse. I cannot play with piano. I been using auto since VICTROY LAP. Like …shrug. You dont critisize Travis for using it OR ctitisized Pitch Black Afro for using the EXACT same flows as Busta Rhymes. I rest my case.

AKA who prides himself for selling more records ever since he started using auto tune full time added that the auto tune ideas he is using right now where stolen from the American rap group Migos when he was opening up for them at a concert in Durban.

Mega is doing greats …his band is flourishing with him and every one is hunky John Dory until we open for Migos in Durban.” AKA said.


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