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Clever makeup hacks to stretch your beauty budget ?

Clever makeup hacks to stretch your beauty budget ?

Clever makeup hacks to stretch your beauty budget ?

If you are like me and constantly “paging” through online magazines or social media, wondering: “How do I do achieve that makeup look with my budget?”…you’ve come to the right place.

The myth has always been that the more expensive your products, the better the results, but this is simply not true. In fact these days the best makeup looks have been created with the most unconventional products, such as glitter, pearls and crystals.

Lay the foundation

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There are many alternatives to expensive foundation brands that do the same job…and sometimes even better.

For example, there has been a rise in the use of tinted moisturisers or BB creams which gives you the two-in-one bonus of an even skin tone while moisturising your skin. The result? Your skin will look dewy and fresh.

Windows to the soul

For some fun eye candy, add crystals from an art shop or even glitter to your eye make-up.

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You can also double-up by using your lipstick to add a glossy wet look to your eyes when you run out of eye shadow. Same goes for your blusher or bronzer which can also be used on your eyes.

A fun way to add dimension and frames one’s eyes, is with funky eyebrows. You can achieve this by dying them or defining them with an eyebrow pencil or even a lip liner.

Blushing beautiful

Instead of buying a blush or contouring palette, you can always use lipstick.

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In fact, it is nothing new for people to use lipstick or even some eye shadow as a blush which can help you stretch your rand.

Creative lips

To find your perfect lipstick shade can be a tricky task indeed. The money-saving solution to this is to use another multipurpose product: Eye shadow.

You can use either a lip gloss or petroleum jelly and mix it with the eye shadow colour of your choice to create your very own lipstick shade…and save some time and money!


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