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DA claims ‘89% of South Africans want the hard lockdown to end’

DA claims ‘89% of South Africans want the hard lockdown to end’

DA claims ‘89% of South Africans want the hard lockdown to end’

The Democratic Alliance (DA), according to the poll it ran, claimed that 89% of South Africans want the national hard lockdown to end.

The DA reported its survey result on Friday — the same day Cogta Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma came under fire for allegedly advocating for the cigarette and alcohol ban to remain in place until lockdown Level 1.

Since reports of Dlamini-Zuma’s “decision”, the national lockdown has been criticised more than ever.


The DA has claimed that 89% of the entire country wants the hard lockdown to come to an end.

Twitter users have since blasted the DA and its post saying that the result is inaccurate, as it isn’t 89% of South Africa but 89% of the people who participated in the DA’s survey.

“South Africans have a right to choose to get on with their lives, citizens need to safely get back to work. Let’s save both lives and livelihoods,” the post went on to say.

On Twitter user said: “Guys, you should know better than to use language like this. ‘89% of the people you surveyed, (by whatever means you used), want to end the hard lockdown’ you didn’t survey anyway near 89% of the population of South Africa so you can’t claim that you did.”

Another Twitter user said: “89% of South Africans is about 49 840 000 people. Rather say 89% of South Africans who participated in our survey voted to end the Lockdown that’s more accurate reporting.”

Another user claimed that the DA is becoming an irritation and should focus on health systems in the Western Cape taking strain.

“The health system in the Western Cape is not coping with the number of COVID-19 patients. Focus your energies there and stop irritating us with demands for the lockdown to end.”


In an interview with SABC News reporter Flo Letoaba on Thursday 14 May, DA leader John Steenhuisen, was put on the spot.

Steenhuisen said South Africans are calling for lockdown measures to be eased. The presenter was not having it, asking Steenhuisen “which South Africans?” and “which people”.

Steenhuisen, clearly upset, claimed that the reporter was taking sides:

“A lot of people are saying that the government are making decisions which have absolutely no basis in terms of health or rationality. But I’m very glad the president has got you in his corner, he’s obviously been speaking to you.”



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