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DJ Call Me & Makhadzi – Maxaka On Trending South Africa

Dj Call Me & Makhadzi are considered one of the best collaboration of all time. Their latest single Maxaka ft Mr Brown & Dj Dance is currently featured on YouTube trending South Africa.

It took only 48 hours for the duo to crack the top 50 YouTube South African trends. Their song “Maxaka” which translates relatives in English became an instant hit when they released it on Sunday afternoon.

Also, Check Fans Reactions for Maxaka by Makhadzi

They have since moved up 10 places from 47 and 37 on South African trends. Last year they released Matorikisi, which also featured in the top 10 trends.

This song is sung in Venda and Shona. Here are some of the lyrics :

Zvandingori Lazaro ndinomwa black label ×2 broke person….as Lazaro when m broke I drink black label.

Kanandadhakwa mutserendende×2 when I get drunk I crow.

Ukandinzwa ndoimba shekede shekede woziva Kuti ndadakwa×2…and if u see me singing shekede shekede just know that I am drunk

The fans have a lot to say about this song on YouTube. Some of the fans have thanked the duo for dropping this song in these difficult times for the country. One of the fans said the song helps them to deal with the corona pandemic.

Get a Free Download of Maxaka song . We have left you some of the comments fans have left for their stars on Youtube below.


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