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Former Mzansi Best Friends Who Turned Into Enemies Over A Man

Former Mzansi Best Friends Who Turned Into Enemies Over A Man

Former Mzansi Best Friends Who Turned Into Enemies Over A Man.

The former Mzansi best friend may have the wealth and the glamour, but unfortunately, this doesn’t make celebrities immune to the challenges faced by everyone else. When it comes to relationships and friendships, they also experience the ups and downs faced by ordinary people.

Here are some South Africa’s former best friends who turned into enemies after disagreement over a men.

Palesa Madisakwane And Winnie Ntshaba

Palesa Madisakwane and Bricklayer's breakup audio leaked - eKasi News Online

Actresses Palesa Madisakwane and Winnie Ntshaba’s friendship allegedly ended on a sour note after the two also clashed over a man. It is alleged the two fought after Palesa discovered that Winnie had been seeing her now ex-boyfriend, Nico Matlala, behind her back.

Although, the businessman denied coming between the two friends and alleged that there were the ones who were actually trying to tarnish his name. He threatened to expose the two women accusing them of being bitter.

Nico said

“I slept with Winnie at my house. Everything is recorded and I will reveal them once they try to outsmart me,” If they want to take me down, I will reveal everything about their shady businesses. I have submitted everything to my lawyer as I have realized that I am dealing with bitter women…I will reveal all their dirt as they are shady as hell.”

Khanya Mkangisa and Boity Thulo

Did Boity Thulo just throw a shade at her ex-bestie Khanya Mkangisa? | News365.co.za

Boity Thulo and her one time BFF Kanya Mkangisa reportedly ended their friendship and music video director Stanley Obiamalu is the man people blamed.

According to rumors, Khanya had a huge crush on Stanley Obiamalu but he was into Boity. When his relationship with Boity started blossoming, the friendship turned bitter. Other reports claim that the drama started when Khanya was accused of getting the feels for Boity’s ex, Stanley Obiamalu, though he and Boity were still only vibing.

Jessica Nkosi and Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo Mbatha and Jessica Nkosi join BET A List | Truelove

Nomzamo Mbatha and Jessica Nkosi used to be the best of friends when the two of them were acting on Isibaya. Unfortunately, the friendship turned sour and the two became enemies after reportedly the disagreement over a man.

According to the Daily Sun, Jessica snatched Nomzamo’s fiance, talented Idols wwinner Khaya Mthethwa, eight months after their break up. A remorseful Khaya confirmed the relationship with Jessica but denied cheating on Nomzamo.

My relationship with Jessica only started eight months after I broke up with Nomzamo. I didn’t intend to hurt anyone but we get along very well. I don’t have any type of relationship with Nomzamo.”

Regardless of what actually happened, Nomzamo cut off all contact with her former best friend and her former fiance.

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