Meet Top 10 Sexiest South African Women On TV

Meet Top 10 Sexiest South African Women On TV

Meet Top 10 Sexiest South African Women On TV

Below are the top 10 Sexiest South African women on TV”

1. Seo Yea-ji as Ko Moon-young in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

Yea-ji is the perfect example of how you don’t need to be half-naked to fit the definition.

2. Ruby Barker as Marina Thompson in “Bridgerton”

Marina takes everyone’s ability to breathe away when she walks into a room, her curls tumbling down her face and her bee-stung lips proudly pursed.

3. Antoinette Robertson as Coco Conners in “Dear White People”

She’s the anti-hero who feels like she has to be down with the white women at Winchester while still trying to be cool with the black students too.

4. Connie Ferguson as Harriet Khoza in “The Queen”

Harriet’s confidence, beauty and wardrobe are enough to make pulses start racing immediately when she appears on the screen.

5. Park Min-young as Kim Mi-so in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”

Whether in a jumper and joggers or in a Valentino dress on the red carpet, Min-young always looks breathtaking.

6. Kgomotso Christopher as Dineo Price in “Legacy”

Dineo is beautiful, intelligent, powerful, bold and courageous with a hefty sprinkle of “don’t mess with me”.

7. Elarica Johnson as Hailey Colton in “P-Valley”

She may initially be a down and out woman who turns to the local strip scene to earn money, but she has a body to die for and moves on a stripper pole in a way that leaves some of us dreaming we could.

8. Sharon Seno as Marang Motsoaledi on “Muvhango”

She uses her breathtaking beauty to charm her way into James’s (Dingaan Mokebe) pants and is not ashamed to use her beauty to get what she wants.

9. Cindy Mahlangu as Phumzi on “Kings of Joburg”

She’s an undercover cop who is investigating the notorious Masire family and she uses her wits and charms to get Mogomotsi into her bed and strikes when he least expects it.

10. Trix Vivier as Petra Potgieter in “Legacy”

Petra is a smart, witty and beautiful. She oozes confidence, which led to her relationship with her boss’s son Sebastian Price Junior.


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