Meet Zakes Bantwini’s Wife Nandi And her Sister Melusi Gigaba Ex Wife Norma

Meet Zakes Bantwini's Wife Nandi And her Sister Melusi Gigaba Ex Wife Norma

Meet Zakes Bantwini’s Wife Nandi And her Sister Melusi Gigaba Ex Wife Norma

Norma Mngoma has dropped her ex husband last name, we’ve come to identify her more with her family than with the former home affairs minister, Melusi Gigaba. She is one third of a bevy of beautiful sisters which include singer Nandi Mngoma who is married to Zakes Bantwini and Langa Mngoma.

The sisters are constantly giving shout outs to each other on social media and attending each other’s events. They occasionally share photos with each other as well. Even though not being exactly part of the mainstream celebrity circuit, Norma commands a huge 1 million followers on Instagram.

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In the past years, Norma has seen her fair share of controversies, most of them involving her ex husband Malusi Gigaba, who was quite notorious for his infidelity. The last blow occurred this year when she keyed Malusi Gigaba’s borrowed G Wagon, after he allegedly cheated on her again.

Norma Mgoma was eventually arrested for malicious damage of property, in a controversial move which saw the Hawks carrying out the arrest for a small crime. She also signed the divorce papers and dropped his name faster than you can stay divorce.

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Despite having her lowest moments laid bare to the public, Norma Mgoma keeps her head held high and once penned touching tribute to women, writing

Today I’m crushing to all women who feel like giving up , I want to remind you that it’s normal to feel emotional or weak when things don’t come together and when you know you are stretching yourself to make them work. I have learnt that the most resilient people are not only strong people but people who are capable of seeing everything as a motivation. Don’t allow obstacles to weigh you down, use them as stepping stones to climb higher. Keep your head high no matter what you are facing. Tough times are temporary. Don’t feel less of you who are . Always remind yourself that you are making an effort towards becoming that person you want to be. When you feel like everyone around you is winning and you are not , never lose hope , your time is coming . Stay motivated, focus and re-strategize.


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