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Reasons Why Tumi Will Get Back Together With Mabutho Again

Reasons Why Tumi Will Get Back Together With Mabutho Again

The River:  Reasons Why Tumi Will Get Back Together With Mabutho Again. 

Tumi will sleep with Mabutho again and here’s why!

Tumi’s mother Lindiwe read our minds last week when she said she felt like Tumi’s marriage is going to get even more confused and painful. Even if Lindani and Tumi go to counseling, there’s no way they’ll ever have a healthy relationship ever again. It’s just going to be a continuous tearful and toxic cycle of shaming, blaming, and apologizing.

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Lindani is definitely going to walk out more hurt and crush, even he does avenge himself, he’ll only be destroying whatever good is left of him. Men can’t handle infidelity as well as women. Lindani will punish Tumi for the rest of their marriage. Their marriage is over!

Tumi is going back to Mabutho because he’s more fun and doesn’t stress her out. Mabutho doesn’t want to change Tumi or expect her to be someone she’s not. Lindani is a bore! He’s not ambitious or hungry for life. Tumi doesn’t want to live in an RDP with children, she’s tasted the good life and now wants a better life, she wants more out of her life because she’s Lindiwe Dikana’s daughter.

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Tumi will keep sleeping with Mabutho until Lindani realizes that their marriage is over. Lindani is not giving Tumi space to be herself, live her life, and enjoy the riches. Tumi and Lindani sadly now live in different worlds and Lindani is too stuck in his poverty mind-set and too stubborn to adjust.

The only way Tumi will ever respect Linda again is, if he plans revenge on Tumi, make her pay for cheating on him. Mabutho couldn’t give a damn about Tumi’s goals, dreams, and desires and that’s what Tumi wants, someone who’s not on her back about the future, children, or moving houses.

Last night’s episode proved that Tumi stopped loving Lindani a long time ago when she finally laid all her cards on the table with him and even laughed at Zolani’s suggestion that they get back together. Tumi loves Mabutho not Lindani.

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