Uzalo September Teasers !Nkunzi and Mamlambo get back together?


Uzalo September Teasers: Nkunzi and Mamlambo get back together? 

Qhabanga and Gabisile get kicked out

So, we know that the church does not want Gabisile and Qhabanga together because he’s still in mourning and they secretly prefer Nomcebo over Gabisile. In September the church will be successful in its mission to kick them out of the church and the house. The duo will move in a dodgy house and Nkunzi will lure Qhabanga into going back to his dodgy, criminal past.

 Madongwe and Mbatha in a relationship

Pastors of KwaMashu are respected more when they have a wife. Madongwe and Mbatha are going to start living together and get married. However, she won’t be happy because of Mbatha’s lustful eye. Gabisile is going to notice her unhappiness and try to destroy her relationship.

 Mamlambo and Nkuzi get back together

We’ve previously seen how unhappy Mamlambo is with other men and how Nkunzi can’t stay away from her. In September, the two will get back together and Mamlambo will move back into Nkunzi’s house. Nkuzi’s mission has always been; to be wealthy and have his wives living in his house together. A happy Nkunzi, is a distracted Nkunzi. MaNgcobo will try to get all her money back with the help of Njeza. Njeza will start working with MaNgcobo in September and this will upset his girlfriend greatly because they slept together previously.

 I suspect that Njeza is actually in love with MaNgcobo and she would rather be in bed with a younger version of Nkunzi.

 Sbu and Fekile play hard to get

Sbu and Fekile will play hard to get next month and pretend to be happy apart. This won’t last because they will realize that they can’t live without each other and get back together. Fekile is going to get annoyed about being the breadwinner in the relationship again, but will she end the relationship for good?

Are Uzalo September Teasers just enough to keep us watching the soapie or are the plots overly centred around relationships?

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